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The Media Company provides traffic and new business growth via online and press exposure for small and medium businesses.

We work with business people, real estate professionals, developers and organisations to sell more of their services, travel options or products using the press, TV, radio, social media and web search.

If you'd like your brand to get in front of more targeted people or power-buyers, The Media Company can design a bespoke marketing package based around your needs. Please feel free to contact us.

The Media Company produces high quality websites, website content, website publicity, promotes business websites ( beware of SEO junk emails ) and places advertising for strategic marketing campaigns. Greg Rogers the editor at The Media Company who leads the production team is a journalism professional. He advises on business growth, real estate marketing and is a syndicated business writer.

Quality of service is at the heart of The Media Company's business, striving to always out-perform client expectations. No outsourcing agency works harder to achieve the maximum brand, service or product exposure and ROI for its clients.

If you're interested in seeing what The Media Company could do for your brand, please in touch with us at 0498 136 869 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

We are the publishers of & & Our large editorial team powers &
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Fast Press Release Publishing and Distribution Service

Our Press Release Service is an International 24/7 news distribution facility operated by

Send press releases by email to and your news release will go almost instantly to Google and will be published at The International News Magazine and as well as being sent to media outlets within minutes.

Ask for a quote to write press releases or marketing content that will drive traffic and new leads. We write and research
professional press releases based on interviews and professional reporting.

At TheMediaCompany, the Global Reach division supplies a variety of content: articles, blog posts, press releases and web pages for our clients around the World

Our team assists businesses with creative content: social media, infographics, animations and advertising.

Our services include everything from press release publishing with distribution to:-

1. The development and implementation of strategic online and off line marketing plans & project marketing campaigns to achieve project objectives within a given budget and time frame
2. Liaising with key stakeholders, clients and internal departments to ensure marketing deadlines are met and objectives achieved
3. Development and implementation of strategic marketing plans to maximize branding and visibility to thus increase sales, revenues and ROI
4. Analysing and reporting on marketing research, media monitoring and sales data to identify trends and opportunities with tracking and performance monitoring of online marketing activities
5. Write and manage the implementation marketing plans as required
6. Coordinating and executing strategic Sales and Marketing activities to promote our clients service; developing Sales and Marketing Campaigns, both online and print
7. Proactively managing the customer experience for visitors to our clients and issue resolution process including customer feedback, renewals and support
8. Setup and maintenance of social media marketing and website to maintain company's image and reputation with customers
9. Website optimisation to increase traffic and quality leads
10. Management of all direct mail outs and databases
11.Maintaining and updating client Customer Relationship Management systems
12. Preparing, implementing and compiling data for strategic plans, monthly reporting, annual goals, sales and marketing budget, and forecasts
13. Actively managing social media channels, paid search and banner campaigns
14. PR/Media communications - pitching to agencies, building relationships with local media, agencies and journalist for publicity and promotional activity
15. Managing and developing content for websites and social media
16. Writing and production management of newsletters, brochures and other promotional materials
17. Media relations and coordinating functions and events.
18. Use of Google Analytics and social media analytics
19. Planning and promoting Events, Awards and Sponsorships
20. Develop relationships with journalists, write and distribute press releases across all brands
21. Distribution of coverage through corporate websites, social media and press channels
22. Competitor and market research; reporting to line manager and senior management on findings
23. Conduct e-surveys
24. Support in delivering content across social media channels
25. Researching new technologies and ensuring a presence across channels
26. Management of Australian referral incentives and campaigns

Ask us how we can create new customers and drive traffic to your website. or 0498 136 869